Institutional performance improvement course for consultants in the Kyrgyz Republic

БезымянныйThe publication “Institutional Performance Improvement Course for Consultants in the Kyrgyz Republic” provides a brief summary of the professional development training conducted for management consultants in the Kyrgyz Republic from October 2015 to March 2016 and recognizes the participants’ achievement.

The publication summarizes the key concepts and learning, serves as a reference manual and toolkit for participants to use in their future work, helps to identify course participants to enhance opportunities for future networking, and as possible service providers for interested public sector institutions desiring a holistic approach to institutional performance improvement.

The participants, trained in the basic theory and tools for modern institutional performance improvement, represents the nucleus of a growing community of practice for performance improvement in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The below link will take you to the English language version. Please, download, use and share: BIS062 Course Reference Manual ENG


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